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PeaTos are taking the country by storm and are likely in a store near you! Use our store tracker to find a store near you and get your hands on some PeaTos - you can usually find our snacks in the produce section. If stores near you don’t have Peatos™ yet, don’t worry. We’ve got you and your taste buds covered — just order PeaTos online.

Why aren’t you? Powerhouse peas deliver more protein and fiber per serving than corn, which is what all those other junky snacks are made of. Peas are also naturally NON-GMO, Gluten Free, and a Nitrogen fixing crop so they’re easy on the Earth and you!

Listen, PeaTos are a delicious “junk food” style snack, without all the junk. Nothing more, nothing less! We aren’t selling vitamins. We’re offering a better snack – plain and simple.

PeaTos are made from peas, so there are some real benefits there. We go to great lengths to make sure we use real food ingredients, but this is so that PeaTos taste freaking fantastic! Better-For-You is boring, and tastes like cardboard. PeaTos are anything but boring!

To see the complete nutritional facts for PeaTos, click here.

Fiery Hot Crunchy Curls are the ONLY product that is vegan. ALL OTHER PRODUCTS CONTAIN DAIRY. We recommend viewing the nutritional.info if you have any dietary restrictions.

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