28 Super Cheesy Vegan Snacks, From Chips to Puffs These dairy-free crackers, chips, and puffs are everything we want out of a cheesy vegan snack.

nacks infused with cheesy goodness are a guaranteed way to get us elbow-deep into the bottom of the bag while we lounge on our couch, watching plant-based cooking videos on YouTube. One chip, puff, or cracker is never enough to satisfy. To all who love crispy, crunchy, and salty noshes, this is for you. Here are 27 vegan cheesy snacks to satisfy your cravings.

What is in vegan cheese flavoring?

While most cheesy snacks on the shelves rely on dairy ingredients to get that signature flavor, vegan cheese-flavored snacks are a little different. Instead of animal ingredients, plant-based cheesy snacks often use ingredients like nutritional yeast, real vegan cheese, or alternative milks to achieve that addictive cheesy element, and, trust us, they are just as delicious. Seriously, you won’t be able to put the packet down.

The best vegan cheesy crackers

Cheez-Its are one of the most iconic snack foods. Thankfully, there are a few picks for vegan versions of those irresistible crackers.

16 | Peatos

We don’t have to tell you what iconic snack food Peatos seeks to replicate. These cheesy vegan puffs come in Fiery Hot and somewhat misleading No Cheese. The latter is indeed cheesy—they’re just made without dairy. These crispy cheese curls won Best New Product in 2022. We’re definitely addicted.  

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