Yo! I’m DJ_P the Queen of the Remix!

I’m all about two things: mixing tracks to create incredible new beats and munching on my favorite junk food.

I looove that satisfying flavor. But the way junk-food leaves me feeling and takes me out of my flow with my music? That’s a big NOPE.

So I made my own junk food remix. A new revolutionary snack that mixes junk food taste with plant-based nutrition.

Power to the Peaple!

TRACK 1 DJ_P’s playlist

Gimme That JFF

Do things their way? No way!
If they say I can’t get it done
This sister’s gonna give it some

Check this
My new snack’s a grand slam homerun
I love that junk-food flavor
Something I can savor

But without the bad stuff
I’ve had enough
Of no nutrition

When it comes to great tasting snacks
PeaTos is the redefinition

Gimme That Junk-Food Flavor! (JFF!)
I’m a craver!
Gimme That Junk-Food Flavor! (JFF!)
It’s in my nature!
JFF is like my BFF
That crunch! (DEF!)
I do things my way and I gotta say

I’m a rebel
And I took snacks to the next level!
Try one, you can’t stop
PeaTos is the snack food


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TRACK 2 DJ_P’s playlist

Takin’ On The Big Guy

I used to eat that other snack
But those ingredients – they’re whack!

Yo, cheetah
You’re a cheater
A mistreater

You’re all artificial
Leave me feelin’ low
I want a snack that keeps me in
my flow!

So me?
I got a recipe
C’mon, read the pack
PeaTos is the real-deal snack

Great taste
So Chester
Check this phrase
We’ve got all that great taste
But PeaTos is better
‘Cause we’re plant-based!

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For years, snack food lovers had two choices - if it tasted good, then it's gotta be "junk", and if it's good for you, well, it's gonna taste like cardboard! At PeaTos, we knew there had to be a better way. So we created the world's first junk-free junk-food. With all the great flavor you love and the better nutritional benefits you want.