All the Best Foods and Drinks We Tried in June 2022

Food is life, so why settle for anything less than the best?

We can all settle into habits when it comes to what we eat, and trying new and unfamiliar snacks, drinks and more can set you up for disappointment while also wasting money—but it can also have great rewards.

But why go through the trouble when we're willing to do it for you? Here at Sweety High, we get to try all of the latest and greatest new food brands, and taste test them so we can share the very best with you. If you want to know what we loved in June, keep scrolling to discover our favorites.


If you love salty, crunchy snacks, but aren't a fan of all of the junk in the grocery store varieties, we have to recommend PeaTos. Available in both curls and rings, their snacks utilize a blend of pea, lentil and faba bean flours to make for a satisfying crunch while also being way better for you. Their Onion and Pizza Rings, as well as their No Cheese and Fiery Hot Curls, taste as good as the classics (if not better) while being plant-based and also loaded with protein and fiber.

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