Vegans Rejoice! 100% Plant Based PeaTos Wins VegNews “Best New Product” Award PeaTos’ “Junk-Free, Dairy Free” Snacks Challenge Cheetos® and Funyuns® on Taste and Snack Experience

LOS ANGELES, March 22, 2022 – Since its introduction in 2019, PeaTos has experienced explosive growth and received widespread acclaim thanks to its innovative approach, one that offers the flavor and fun of junk food snacks like Cheetos and Funyuns but with the benefit of better-for-you nutrition.

Now, after announcing its transition to go 100% plant-based in response to consumer demand, the vegan community is taking notice as leading authority VegNews awarded PeaTos a “Best of Expo West Award.”

“Our entire VegNews team was blown away by the new 100% vegan offerings from PeaTos, most notably their cheese-flavored curls,” said associate editor Jocelyn Martinez.  “The newest Crunchy Pizza Rings are our latest obsession!”

“We are truly honored that, among the thousands of products featured at the world’s largest trade show for natural living, VegNews has selected PeaTos to receive this award,” said Nick Desai, founder and CEO. “Our original Fiery Hot Crunchy Curls developed a cult-like following among vegans who dubbed them the ‘vegan’ Hot Cheetos. The vegan community urged us to make our other snack items vegan, and we heard them loud and clear. While most vegan snacks taste like cardboard, PeaTos put the brightest minds in snacking to work and we nailed it!”

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