Easy Vegan Camping Foods To Take On Your Next Trip

There are few things quite as satisfying to the soul as getting out away from the hustle and bustle for a couple of nights, settling down by a roaring campfire, and becoming one with the land while camping. 

But as any avid camper knows, planning the right foods to bring can be an ordeal in and of itself, and this is especially true if you’re looking for vegan camping foods. Not only do you need to make sure that you have enough room in your cooler for all of your ingredients, but you also need to plan how you’re going to prepare everything while you’re out in nature and don’t have your usual kitchen tools! 

We’ve gathered a list of some of the best easy vegan camping foods that you can prep at home and bring along with you on your next overnight trek into the great outdoors.

Vegan Camping Breakfasts

Banana Coconut French Toast 

For a sweet little taste of the tropics on your chilly camp mornings, try whipping up this easy and delicious campfire-friendly french toast. As an added bonus, most of the ingredients needed to make this sumptuous breakfast don’t need to be kept cold, which means more room in your cooler for your other necessities. 

Boil-In-A-Bag Omelettes

Unlike traditional omelets that use eggs, these vegan omelet alternatives are held together with a lightweight and camping-friendly chickpea flour mixture. We especially like that they’re super-customizable and that you can add in your choice of veggies, vegan cheeses, and the other omelet ingredient of your choice to make everyone in your group a happy camper during breakfast time. 

Orange Peel Campfire Cinnamon Rolls

Warm, gooey cinnamon rolls get a major upgrade with this recipe! All you’ll need is a roll of pre-made vegan cinnamon rolls and a couple of large oranges to cook them in, and you’ll have an uber-easy breakfast treat with a fun citrus zing to enjoy. 

Tofu Scramble Breakfast Burrito

This protein-packed breakfast burrito uses tofu rather than eggs to fill you up and keep you energized for a long, fun day of activities ahead. They’re also pretty low-maintenance to make -- you really just need to warm through all the ingredients on a pan over your stove or fire and you’ll be good to go. 

Vegan Camping Lunches & Dinners

Vegan Lemon Pasta

One-pot recipes are a true godsend when it comes to camping and cooking outside without your usual kitchen equipment! This lemon pasta recipe is quick and simple to throw together but is packed with a ton of flavor that’ll leave you hungry for more. 

Southwest Veggie Foil Packets

Throwing veggies on a grill is one of the quintessential parts of campfire cooking no matter what kind of diet you follow, and these veggie foil packets make it easier than ever to get those roasted vegetables you crave. This particular recipe also uses easy-to-manage canned ingredients in addition to fresh veggies for even more preparation ease. 

Vegan Frito Pie

Sometimes lovingly referred to as “walking tacos,” the Frito pie is a delicious, satisfying, and ultra-portable snack or meal that you can enjoy even while you’re on the move. All you’ll need is a bag of Fritos (or another delicious vegan chip like Peatos), cooked chili beans, and the veggies and salsa of your choice to make this fun and satisfying treat. 

No-Cook Lunch Bowls

If you just can’t be bothered to start up your campfire or cooking stove in the middle of the day, these no-cook lunch bowls are a great option. This recipe combines a bunch of delicious and tangy Mediterranean vegetables and flavors that don’t need to be cooked, but you can also prepare some quinoa or other grains ahead of time if you want to make it a little more filling. 

Campfire Chili

Few foods say “camping” quite like a campfire chili! This vegan option is made with a mix of beans, tomatoes, and peppers all stewed in a beer broth for the ultimate cozy nighttime meal after a long day of fun. 

Red Lentil Sloppy Joes 

Sloppy joes are another fun summertime classic, and you don’t have to count yourself out just because you eat a plant-based diet. This particular recipe is made with red lentils instead of ground beef and is cooked in a flavorful sauce that you can throw onto your favorite sandwich bread. 

Vegan Snacks and Desserts For Camping

Vegan S’mores

If there’s one food that’s synonymous with camping, it’s s’mores! To make this campfire treat suitable for vegans, you’ll need to make sure that you’re using a vegan marshmallow brand and a bar of dark chocolate rather than a milk chocolate bar that contains dairy. 

Avocado, Corn, and Black Bean Salsa

When you’re in the mood for midday munching, you can’t go wrong with a good chip and salsa combo. This hearty and filling salsa recipe uses avocado, corn, and black beans as well as tomatoes, zingy limes, and cilantro. If you want to make it even easier on yourself, prep everything ahead of time except for the avocados (since they can brown if cut and left out). Then, just slice up your avocado cubes at the campground and add them for a tasty dose of healthy fats. For an unexpected but delicious flavor explosion, use Peatos instead of tortilla chips. 

Trail Mix Cookies 

Add a healthy dose of plant-based nutrients to your favorite sweet treats with these trail mix cookies! You’ll need to bake these loaded oatmeal cookies before you leave on your camping trip, but you can bring them along in an airtight container and enjoy them in 1-2 weeks after. 

Campfire Stuffed Bananas

Finally, add a fruit-based twist to your favorite s’mores recipe by throwing a banana in tinfoil and tossing it onto the fire! Then you can fill it up with some of your favorite sweet treats: we highly recommend vegan chocolate, nuts, and shredded coconut. Anyone else drooling yet? 


Camping is always an adventure, and it just gets even better when you have some delicious and cozy meals to bring along! 

Photo by Cliford Mervil: https://www.pexels.com/photo/silhouette-of-person-standing-near-camping-tent-2398220/


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