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Frito-Lay launches, upstart PeaTos responds with

As at-home food consumption grows and consumer reliance on e-commerce remains high, recently Pepsico subsidiary Frito-Lay launched their new direct-to-consumer (D2C) website where consumers can shop over 100 of Frito-Lay’s snack foods which will be sent straight to their homes. With nearly 92,000 Cheetos consumed per second, Frito-Lay is looking to expand their multi-billion-dollar snack business by leveraging online growth. However, young upstart PeaTos has another idea in mind. PeaTos, the snack food brand hungry to shake up the traditional food and beverage industry, is responding by launching On the heels of the Frito-Lay D2C launch, PeaTos saw a clear opportunity to launch the aptly named website in a record one weeks’ time. “Now, as the world battles an unprecedented pandemic that is keeping people at home, the fight for snack share just headed online,” says Desai. With the launch of, we wanted to make sure consumers can get their...

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