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PeaTos Brings Better-For-You Differentiation to Classic Snack Formats

  Nick Desai is on a mission to change the way we snack. Desai is the founder and CEO of World Peas Brand PeaTos, a division of Snack it Forward, Los Angeles. When PeaTos cheese snacks hit the market in 2017, they immediately made waves. Now, three short years later, PeaTos are distributed from coast to coast, and its ardent fan base continues to see rapid growth.  The roots of success Desai previously worked as a lawyer in the entertainment business, and then shifted over to the investment world, where he helped smaller companies raise capital, and complete mergers and acquisitions. He had always aspired to stride out on his own. “In 2008, when the markets shifted, I pursued my dream to run my own company. I really liked the concept of helping fix something and turning something around.” In 2008, due to the financial crisis, a lot of companies...

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